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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Today, i went klunch with TL and co. and it was crazily short, from 11am to 12.30pm. I got to sing only 30mins coz i reached there late. sian.... soon after, we headed to town for my shoes spree and lunch at pepperlunch lor, my usual fav restaurant. we yada yada there and agreed to go back yishun for the pirates movie. Xinpei joined us for the movie too ~ oh ya, talking abt the movie, i start to fell for johnny depp 's impressive acting. No doubt he's a highly paid and regarded veteran in the entertainment field. Lov ya, johnny, hehe :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

being true to urself

on the bus, huifen jie chatted with me and donno how and when the subject change to my family. i was appalled that i can tell her honestly without any difficulties. i hate lying to my friends who are my greatest assets in life. On the contrary, i don want to tell them things i don wish to share with. Hence, i may looked arrogant to some of them, ignoring the topic. well, besides besty Qian and sis Tar, Huifen jie is the forth person whom i can relay to at ease. oh well, i shall stop here else i will start weeping like Martha marcy...

despicable ppl

OMG~ u wont believe this. i was surfing my friendster just now and notice this pyramid ppl added fengjie and send her testimonial. omg~ super di xiao my friends one. imm i deleted them. how could they use such underhand methods. basket!

lost in joo chiat

last night had dinner with tracy and co. at sakura la, my first visit though. Honestly the food nt very nice lor. nvrm la, just to reunion with sis since our last meeting few mths back.

today, i went shopping with fizah. Yippy~ nt me but cheering for fizah cox she managed to get sth she likes while me went home empty handed. Shopping on a weekend is really not enjoyable.
after shopping, i rushed down to joo chiat cc for my interview. GREAt attempt to explore this unfamilar area. Ended up lost in katong area, walking rd and rd the private estates. immd, i sos huifen jie and she guided me patiently over the phone. Yokatta desu ne. finally i reach there with a melted makeup, perspired dreaded look. bah! While waiting for my turn, I saw this guy, who is also gg for kansai homestay. he shared with me abt the summer camp in US. hmm~

Anywhere, the outcome of the interview will be released two days later. time for beauty sleep.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

updates again

sunday was a feast day. Eating good food from noon to night. First, i met up two old classmates to make my new spectacle @ dream. They displayed a wide array of plastic spectacles to branded labels like BUM. I chose a red and black combi ones. But I cld only collect it one hour later. Hence, we proceeded to lunch @ my fav restaurant Sofra for Pidee, dumpling soup at nearby famous restaurant, followed by dessert at nearby stall too. Sinful me ate two desserts consecutively. Yum yum~~

After collection, we had to go separate ways since i need to attend my sunday mass @ novena church. It was a swevltering evening that i dozed off after the gospel segment. Probably the heavy lunch took effect too quickly ya. nth special after mass, just seeing some parents from St michael's pri raising fund for charity.

Soon after mass ended, i strided with big steps to MRT station as i was LATE for my next appt with Fengjie, brother and JH. We ate at Newyork Newyork, a newly opened restaurant. Dear missy me had a pathetic overcooked, shrinked veggie lasagne and buffloe wings. The rest were wolfing down large servings of pastas with spareribs and drumsticks. Sinful sinful~

Next, they acc me to look for winterwears at suntec. I managed to find some decent trenchcoat but no suitable sweaters caught my eyes yet. Hmm. still a few mths to go,so no worries man~We parted at the junction where co proceeded with their next programme-billard. As for me, as usual, no late nights so i just went home straight.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


hot hot hot~~ desaru 's climate is so warm. Co. and me went there by chartered bus. To-and-fro the trip, the tourguide played i not stupid 2 movie on board. Although it's just a one day excursion, we did so many fun and exciting things that two rolls of toilet paper also cannot finish, haha. Main pt is fruits buffet, seafood dinner and Catching fireflies and bring lives one back to SG are the most enjoyable program on the inteneries. Though we passed by Jusco, we had no chance to shop. haiz. ok la. at least now i have two fireflies exploring my room. Hope they will survive tmr's daylight. hehe....

Thursday, July 20, 2006


ninja class is full as laughter as usual. u know wat sensei means when she says "mareshia yakitori". she actually meant SATAY~~ nice name man~ that nishi sensei even better man. she called "goreng pisang" as "tempura banana". Win liao~ muahahahahahhaa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


shit. i tot this lump of shits had gone for months but i dint expect today. i ended up taking emergency leave unwillingly. im left with no choice. when can i be totally free from that shit???
i want to be free and live in a new environment where noone knows who i am. pls spare me from this old shit that i have struggled for the past twenty yrs . i told myself several times to be strong, i did. But i can't totally be shit-free unless that lump of shits is gone, gone and gone forever and ever. I may break down anytime if the shit keeps impending... ... i wanna cry.

Monday, July 17, 2006


today as usual , i boarded this crowded bus and stood beside the driver throughout the journey. There was this gal, assume she's from TP cox of the red lanyard and her dressing looks kiddish. Well anyway, that's nt the main pt. The bus ride is abt 25 mins and throughout the journey, she had her ears stucked with music, and keep "diao-ing" me. If u know me, i wont diao back lor, but just yawn at that person. when the bus was reaching the terminal, she suddenly squat down and cried. Wat the hell~ ppl donno tot she bus-sick or wat. The bus driver pass me Suan mei and ask me to feed her. -_-" Almost everyone's eyes were fixed at us. So i just did obediently but the gal rejected and keep on weeping. malu me just passed the suan mei back to uncle lor. Wat the hell was she thinking?? If she has bus sick , she shld have taken other modes of transport mah, why break down the last min when we're abt to reach the terminal in min time. basket!!~@@

Sunday, July 16, 2006

three days passed

mailed out on thur and now is sunday. They shld have received it le bah. maybe the postman corked up $@#$%@%#$% choy~~~ touchwood... haiz... im still waiting... when are u gg to reply me... haiz.. i have no patience ... haiz .... haizzz.....

Friday, July 14, 2006


Omedetto, Linda-san. Finally ROM le. Managed to catch her in msn during the daytime. Cox now is nighttime in Washington, i presumed~~ She said she misses her friends and family in Singapore. We miss ya too gal~ :) If got time next yr Fall, i shall go visit u ya :)

GREAAATTO. oh ya, i attended his lesson for the very first time. And when he called out my name without refering to the classlist, i was shocked and abit thrilled of cox. I cannot imagine he's the kind of person who can wiped out 30 plates of sushi, does michael jackson stunts and plays badminton. He's not handsome but diffuse an amount of charisma in him. I don have crush in him okay~ just curious abt him. bleah :P


aiyo , i think im more attached to pc than my cellphone. just now i received ailing's email, topic is her staff pass. sotong me incidentally took her staffpass home. ARG. immediately, i switch on my cellphone with her urgent msg. Gomen ne~ I was in a hurry to go home. Alot of things to do at home sia~. Oh ya, the Desaru trip next saturday is confirmed, finally ya. I will be gg with Ailign and co. The committe planned well, covering places like crocodile farm, fireflies farm (*^*), seafood lunch, buffet dinner, fruit farm etc blah blah. Ok lah, i decided to go since i got company mah. A short holiday after so many months of work. Well, i'll be more excited over my year end block leave of 3 weeks in december~ cool nia. im gg to ... SECRET ** :P

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

japanese husband

today im on my third leave. I just mailed out my application. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly **praying very hard**.

Now im tune on to 95.8fm, Dong Fa Bi Li 's programme. Now they are discussing whether a japanese guy would make a good husband. Besides the DJ, he also invited a guest on-air, Ms Chenyi,who is adamant to marrying a Jap. Well, from my point of view, Japanese guys would make a good lover but come to talk about lifelong companion... someone whom you can converse comfortably would be the right choice.

For me, I wont be excited over Singaporean guys or Malaysian guys. However, i'll be overjoyed seeing Mixed blood ang mohs, Japanese, korean, etc. Especially those with colored eyes, beautiful hazel eyes. Kool~

In my own opinion, some Singaporean guys, between the age of 18 to 28, are so immature, act cool, spendthrift and a smart alec. haiz...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aquarius About Your Sign...

Fighting for Causes
Dreaming and Planning for the Future
Thinking of the Past
Good Companions
Having Fun

Full of Air Promises
Excessive Loneliness
The Ordinary

Friday, July 07, 2006



Thursday, July 06, 2006


Monday, July 03, 2006


After work, i went hunting for trenchcoat and a bigger luggage. Although the trip is 4mths away, im already looking forward to it. Hot spring, Universal studio, Disneyland, and the family that i'll be staying with really excite me to the max.

Also, there will be a orientation camp held locally on 15-16nov, which is complusory. And i'll be away from 16dec to 26dec, flight details to be finalised by august. The worrying part is i have aerophobia~ Luckily senpai is coming along too~ Phew~ .

Come to think of it, Boots~ i need boots with heels~ Did some research at the mango website, seeing what's IN for this winter. Fashion sense is a must!! must !! over there. Compact Powder too~

List List ~ argg , my prepation list is growing longer and longer now... ...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

superman returns

im so obsessed with superman ~ crazy me downloaded the wallpaper and screensaver of superman~ obsessive woman~

Saturday, July 01, 2006

bad me

last night's steamboat porridge was amusin' cox no or very little porridge could be seen. that uncle said "they" had "melted". We roared with laughter at his response.

Today, i received an unexpected msg. Met up with huifen-san to watch king and the clown.
The show was nt bad but i can't stand man kissing man, extremely gross. After the movie, we shopped ard in orchard and enjoyed our curry rice from isetan supermarket. Senpai shared one good news with me, and upon hearing this i was really excited. But that also means i have to let Xinpei down. To choose between this two things, I would rather follow my senpai. At least Xinpei has not planned when i questioned her so many times about it. It wld be a great experience for me in a new environment. Next, senpai and i went searching for trenchcoat, which we saw one at WAREHOUSE costing $147~ The design is nice but i'll have to wait till the end of GSS, hoping the price will drop further~

My motivation for the scarf is tune on once again. Knitting o Ishokenme Ganbarimasu~