·٠•●いらしゃいます●•٠·: October 2005


Monday, October 31, 2005


yes, im having a fever now... blogging fever is back...haha, can post many entries in a day, worst case is within few min after the latest post :P Now i don hear any background music in my blog cox geocities is down for like...several days...arggg shall post a new song later :)

lalala i miss him ...him is sang woo oppa. lolz. tmr 6pm ch U is showing a new kdrama and he's inside it. He debut drama i think cox the actors' hairstyles kindof outta fashion lolz :X Anyway, as long can see him on the tv, i am happy like a little gal having a crush on a big brother~ *blush* And one great news to share. Sang woo oppa Blogs too~ Yippy and i tagged him in my links but sadly, it's all in korean and im thinking of picking up this language next yr. Heard from a friend that korean is easier to master as compared to jap~ Sang woo oppa Wan Sui (Long live).

Time for tv~ tata.

Happy DeepaRaya

Yeh~ tmr's PH and i will be slacking @ home the whole day enjoying my Harry potter :P Just now, i dumped some " old " clothes away although it's not new year. Im a clean freak and hate the sight of piling rubbish and untidyness. What's more, i hate to talk to shallow people who doesnt understand me. Unfortunately, i was hurled into such shallow conversation with that woman awhile ago.

Witch: What's this ?(pting to the hung cardigan on the wardrobe handle)
ME: duh~ Can't u see? cardigan lah~
Witch: I know. im asking why is it there
ME: What's wardrobe for then? *damn pissed*

What a stupid conversation she started! God pls stop torturing me~ take this shallow ppl away.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


joy of music lightens my heart... ...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hectic Schedule

Going to be a busy 2005 year end. hmm, im getting closer to my wish each day. Perserve, i will cox the end-product is sth that i have been waiting for. :) ok that's all for my little goal.

Today we had lunch at delifrance. Too bad Mr Ong didnt join us or else we could gossip abt that yayapapaya :X. Shan't name that papaya. Durin lunchtime, i intended to order egg dlicious but that waitress said they run out of egg fillings and then i asked for a seafood one, she dint informed me beforehand that there will be additional charges for ordering a DIfferent fillings. How insensitive she was to her customers. I felt been cheated. Hmph :<

After lunch, we were in the office doing our usual routines. I sat down and was about to read my TODAY . But when i reached out my hand to search for TODAY which was initially placed on my desk, went missing. ARGG, our company got TODAY 's thief. I questioned some of my colleagues but each returned me their innocent looks. Diao~ if you wanna read, can ask for PERMISSION, not just teleport my TODAY w/o asking. Now im abit worried whether to stock up my little pantry inside this cabinet beside my desk. Sometimes, History does repeats itself. haiz....

such a down day~

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Monday, October 24, 2005


Finally u are dating, congratulation wor~one happy couple ^^)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sweet dreamz

i had a sweet dream last nite :P

Crystal jade Vs Crystal Jade Kitchen

This morning i went back to office to attend a workshop on video-editing. I was battling with my eyelids, forcing myself not to doze offzzZZZZ. Anyway, the speaker was boring causing me to lose the war, Damn~ Got a date with Jasmine and i told her i want to eat crystal jade and she said J8 got, i was puzzled~ upon reaching there, we stared blankly at the signboard which reads "Crystal Jade Kitchen". Faintz, one extra word meaning no zha jiang mian to eat liao~ dot dot dot =_=" we Ended up eating teppanyaki instead, not bad afterall. Don dare to go Yishun's teppanyaki cox the staff damn lao te koh, ask me for phone no. Damn, uncle somemore, PAEDOPHILE ar, scary~ Next, we proceeded to pasta mania at J8 to visit her sis who's working there. i enjoyed my chocolate mousse and jasmine had her strawberry m..sth one, both at a discounted price *evil grinz* Due to tiredness, i doze off during conversation with jasmine, AR, Gomennsai~ Jasmine then asked me to go home have an early sleep. Tata, here i am just awoke from my slumberland ^^) ohayo

Saturday, October 22, 2005


dinner @ marche was not wat i expected tonight. But pool was fun cox Big cow introduced a new playing style: adding of poker cards to the game. New and interesting indeed. Paywen jie jie and big cow win most of the time *sobz*. Luckily that was not a real gamble *grin*. Tmr have to work and not going anywhere this few weekends cox i must start "pia" for my tests and exam and flash mx ... time to sleep tata

Friday, October 21, 2005


  1. Balance
  2. Embracing the net and Inspiring others
  3. Astuteness
  4. Respect and responsibilty

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pls go to hell, Mr XXX

nobody asked for ur comment on the photos and I DUN even know the existence of these photos and wonder which idoit distributed the photos...Kindly ask u wanna join paywen jiejie and me for tabletennis game and u start blabblering stupid comment. None of your biz. Not gg to invite u for any reunions or game. Go back to your kampong mugging for ur degree bah, Qu Si Ba~

Muji Fanatic

I declare myself as a Muji fanatic now. *keke* Those who donno, don ask me cox i don wan waste my saliva educating u wat Muji is. Bleah :P

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rain rain go away

come again another day when i bring the right jacket... ... Went to mac and was enjoying a hot cup of milo while revising jap. Rain started to fall heavily and this jacket im wearing cannot retain heat longer. Brrrr~ eventually, i had to return home to look for thicker jacket. I like rainy days only when im well protected :)

Chapter 2

new haircut for myself @ chapter 2. located beside Bugis village. $26plus for Wash, Cut and Style. I love my new clean and neat hairstyle :P Happy happy me. After that, paywen jiejie and i had our dinner at this newly opened japanese stall selling bento, the food is cheap but yucky. Next, we went cuppage played pool. Tired me.

p.s: Anybody is willing to lend me the orange grammar bk on jap for two months? exam is near the corner....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Inquisitive scholars Vs Comatose minority

This morning's experience is a far-cry from the evening one's. In the eyes of the society, they will group them into two levels(first and second); the inquisitive scholars and the comatose minorities repectively. Just like how we are differentiated into the upper class or lower class system.

The first level of people tends to question each statement and throw back at you which carries essential significance to it. The latter will not be passionate about anything,but follow suits. Sad but true, this is what i witnessed and these long ago unfair tales has been verified by their actions.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

At long last.....

Found it. They are so adorable. Even though the unhappiness that occured earlier on, seeing them really sank my worries to the bottom. Hardships and bitterness, just for them, i will turn hardships into happiness, bitterness into sweetness. Innocent as they are, being their light is what i am prepared to be.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Super bad luck!!!!

Cry~ i was fixing my idoit compaq since last night. My 3yr old companion has been down since last night after i came out from the bathroom, didnt even know wat went wrong except blue screen with tons of error msgs appeared. Normally, my first and only solution is to REFORMAT and REINSTALL lor. But freaky Yesterday all this dint work out!!! Some friends suspect that my PC 's MB giving me this issue. I refused to believe hence i didnt rummage my hardware. All along, i suspected the cd-rom is the culprit and truly indeed ..maybe.. after repetitive of reinstalling procedure for two consecutive nights, now I finally managed to tame this stubborn Compaq.

tat's all for the down side. Here's the up side ^^) This morning I went to settle something (*secret*) and afterwards, met up with old secondary classmates for movie-Into the Blue. Rating from ms Grace is 8/10. Jessica alba is Hot, so goes for the cutie hunk Paul walker. Next was shopping and YES , melissa chan, my second time to The Face shop. *Envy* ? Spent a whooping hundred bucks on cosmetic and facial mask. *advertisement for The Face Shop*-> minn spending of $80 and above entitles you to a lifetime membership FREE~ Shall upload the result of my cosmetic hunt later(busy busting pc-virus at the moment~) Next, poor brothers have succumbed to my stubborness *keke* and we went to bishan to shop for my bag. Sadly, that bag with many holes in it had SOLD OUT!!! freaky bad luck leh~Bleah, nrvm cox i shall get it elsewhere tmr.

And after typing two paragraphs, MS update is still not done. burning midnight oil liao~ Oyasumi *^*

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Myth Lyrics(korean part)

이젠(now) 나의(my) 손을 (hands)잡고(hold on) 눈을(eyes) 감아요(close)
Ejene(now) nau(my) sone el(hands) job go(hold on) noon(eyes) el gamayo(close)

우리(we)사랑했던(loved) 날들 (many days)생각해봐요(many days)
Uri(we) sarang hatdon(love) nald le(many days) sanggakhaeboayo(remember)Plese remeber
we were love many days

우리(we) 너무(very) 사랑해서(loved) 아팠었네요(had a sickness)
Uri(we) numoo(very) saranghaeseo(loved) apaseotneyo (had a sickness)

서로(each other) 사랑한단(i love u) 말도(speaking) 못했었네요(don't)
seoro(each other) saranghondan(i love u) maldo(speaking) motaeseotneyo(dont)

우리 소중했던 약속 잊지는 말아요
Uri(our) sojoonghaetden yacsoke(special promise) etjinunmalayo(Please don't forget)
Please Don't forget to the our special promise

translated by a native friend : eunha ^^)

p/s: Eunha, Kamnsa Hamnida :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


God, i beg u to sew up her mouth before it infects my ear. I feel like bashing ppl. Pardon for my violence but I AM NOT IN A GOOD MOOD NOW~

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Super wu liao~ Paywen jie jie gg back malacca this weekend, so jap revision ganna postponed. My weekends gonna be boring liao. help~ anybody wanna go out ? no more ktv this week ar~ i wan go watch movies, play pool or go play ping pong or go east coast :) sian ar~ i need to go knitting maybe~ ar... wat shall i do on sat and sun~~~ sian ar...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hibernation mode

-From october onwards, i'll be hibernating at home. Too many secrets of me has been unveiled. But for now, no more should i say. But for now, i just need to be alone.-

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Movie mania

From 13th nov onwards, i shall pamper myself with a little movie treat every sunday cox as a m1 user, u can enjoy 50% off movie tix at cathay :) Here are a list of great movies lining up for this month:

  1. A Sympathy for Lady Vengence (starring Lee Young Ae)
  2. April Snow
  3. Oliver twist
  4. Harry potter and the Globet of fire
  5. Pride and prejudice (Sad and unbeatable classic romance)
  6. Chicken little

Party Hall

read the title pls. dun understand ? here i shall explain briefly~ Finally, i throw letter to my boss liao Full stop. After that, went ktv with big cow and met paywen jiejie there. before that, we had pepper lunch with lan jie jie. This time, we sang in the hall, damn shiok cox can only sing two songs per table rotation . so it's like self-declared singing competition amongst the ppl in the hall~ Big cow had to leave early and paywen jie jie is so nice to take over him. we sang like mad ppl, snatching over the mic with paywen jie jie. next, we cabbed home.