·٠•●いらしゃいます●•٠·: September 2005


Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Myth

read the title. yup. I went to watch the myth last night with a couple of old classmates. Before that, i was totally mad about getting this new E730C clamshell. DAmn~ We combed the whole causeway pt and no sight of M1 store could be found. In the end, i sought help from a kind aunty who told me that M1 store is located in this small corner inside Cold storage. -_-" M1 expect sales to drop from the sky izzit with such a isolated corner they rent. what pissed me of is that i have to queue to buy phone. First time i need to q~ for phone. Being a law-abiding citizen, i queue but what blew the top of my anger was this old ah pek queuing in front of me. He was pondering on which phone is better and which is not. Damn. Immediately, my face turn darked staring and murmuring intentionally "think liao then come back buy,serve me first la". I was furious partly because we were late for the movie. That ah pek in this forties, nvr spare a thought for those customers who have MADE UP their mind and KNOWS wat to buy. Come on, he was acting so po po mah mah until i had to blow my fringe and roll my eyes, intentionally, at the salesman.

Luckily that salesman knew how to "zhou ren". Else, i sure COMPLAIN him ar. Customer service is so bad in terms of letting your customer who are EAGER to purchase, wait.

at least i got my new clamshell now. im happy with it.
Morale of the story: Nvr stand behind ah pek or aunty, if u do which i STRongly advise you NOT To, roll eyes and pretend to walk off. ^^)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Stop making use of your friend.

KSW Biography

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Busy Saturday

Saturday is here again, yeh~ time for Springcleaning again!! i can't stand the sight of towering books on my desk and clothes lying all over my wardrobe =_=" But first have to pay a trip down to kino. Oh yes man, the KSW biography i ordered has arrived from JAPAN, hurray~~~ Next will be shopping ard for boxes or empty container or shelves~ need to reorganise my schedule and lotsa of things for me to do today. Busy Sat~ tata

APANG website

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Enjoyable wednesday & thursday. On wednesday evening, I met up with big cow at pepper lunch for DINNER. As usual, we gossiped abt the small and big happenings. During our meal, Pepper lunch was playing this nice music by SWING GALS, from japan. Immediataly, i fell for that song and dashed to The CD shop for it, after our meals.

Searched high and low for SWING GALS but no sight of it could be found. Getting more and more impatient, I approached the female cashier for assistance. She was pretty helpful, but terribly honest , to tell me that they DOn sell ~~~ OMG.

So that left me with the only hope, HMV. Not disappointing their loyal supporters, me, the friendly nice chap showed me the CD~ My jaws dropped at the price labelled on the cd~ super takai ne~ $39 plus FAINTZ. in the end i still bought it cox i really love the last track called LOVE~

Spendthrift Wednesday passed and Exciting thursday arrives. I was at Suntec, incharge of exhibition the whole day. By right, we weren't allowed to enter the other section, Franchise seciton cox we need to re-apply another pass. A few of my colleagues were scared of being stopped by the security guards standing at the Franchise entrance. I dare them to go, but still, haiz~ so i "demo" to them . It was hilarious cox the first time i walk passed the guard, i was wearing my badge but luckily the guard cock-eye, didnt notice i didnt apply for pass. Then , i went in roam a few rounds and stepped out. Again, i Jio them to go, but they said will follow behind me. Guess wat, this time i removed my pass and smile to the guard ^^) cheeky me~ and turned back to realise that those kittens were still standing at their booth, smiling~ FAINTZ. This time, i noticed this KSW 's model stamp hanging on the booth, APONG.

APANG is sth like those neoprint machines which is imported from KOREA. This is gonna be the next IN thing in Singapore because the end-product is not neoprint, but STAMP~ YES, your face on the stamp and it can stamped up to 500times. Amazing isnt it~ i feel so ahead of fashion now~ lolz alright, below are some pictures for your pleasure. enjoy. tata ~

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I A R R H O E A~~

Monday, September 19, 2005





Monday. Time is passing slowly today, too slow that i wished i could decompose into microscopic insects(like wat you see on SCI-FI movies) and creep out of the office right now. Sad enough, im a just powerless woman who sits in the office from 8.30am to 5.30pm, dreading for sales quota and eventually,5.30pm to arrive. haha~ Bet im not the only victim on this earth who is living such a pathetic life. At least the generous salary is something gratifying.

Truthfully,how long will this last? 1month, 6months or a year? Seeing my morale reducing each day as my sales is sliding towards the drain, I feel the urge to do something unreturnable, or stupid for those money-oriented thinker, to tender this piece of job-suicidal note. Not that im going to kill myself for that job, it's Myself Killing that job with my own bare hands.

On the other hand, i may find a better job where i would have no worries about my daily sales quota. Probably im not cut for salesline. Probably, i shld go back to school and let those lecturers deplete my braincell with their Confuscius' philosphy. Maybe i could become the next XX and let ppl bitched abt me,ermm.. maybe not...

Future is bleak with no degree, insufficient experience and so few decent paying jobs in the market.
Just nice, 5.30pm. Ciao~ dread

Sunday, September 18, 2005


今日 楽しいかった。おもしろい日本人がみった。私はいろいろなものをした。
そして、沢山写真をとりました。したから写真をみることができる.何卒 ^^)


Okinawa food

Saw this cow from 3rd floor

Told Rina i wanted to take picture with him and...

Finally, Cow caught in action lol~

Rina's science teacher, teaching the students how to make slime~

We visited many places like the art room,science room where i was caught inside a HUGE bubble...wanted to take that pic but camera battery went flat =_="
One thing we missed was the Kowaii heya due to long-Q...and last but not least, we went to the Chado and knelt 15min....ate mochi and ocha~~ Next year i'll be back~

Thursday, September 15, 2005



今晩生駒で忍者クラースの学生があまりいませんでした。やすみの時、私とマリサちゃんは先生に月ケーキをあげました。先生はみると、『あーら。。。』いいました。 とてもおもしろい~ 月ケーキはたかくないけど、美味しです。ありがとう、マリサチャン。

いま も11じ ね。 眠いから、おやすみなさい~

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Healthy Diet

Salads, low fructose fruits, mineral water and herbal soup to keep me slimming down from tmr onwards. persistent, i must. Slimming before i turn 21. now i weigh 47kg!~ terrible~~ must shed off 7kg in 4mths~~ i must , die die must slim down. shall do tummy toning tmr morning onwards. desperate to slim down~~sleep early is one way. oyasumi.

Monday, September 12, 2005

>.<" Sotong

Whahaha, I deserve a spank arh~ While tidying my drawer today, i saw something black coiled up in an unopened plastic cover...... and eventually, it turned out to be my camera usb cable!!!! I think i dumped it inside the drawer that day when my desk was fully occupied. happy happy me :)

Here are the photos we took during last night's outing:

~PhotoShoot Outing~

ARRRRR~ Creative ate my USB CABLE!!! cannot upload photos tonight. I will complain tomorrow straight away after work!! Creative, Watch out for me Ya!