·٠•●いらしゃいます●•٠·: June 2006


Thursday, June 29, 2006

happy reunion

painful, my little toetty were hurted badly by a reckless middle-aged colleague<- but donno which dept he's from. anyway due to his recklessness, i nearly lost my two toes to the glass doors. My vengence still presence but i cannot rememeber that ugly fellow 's face. ARG~
cuts on my toes~ argg... in the midst of recuperation now.

well, happy things to share now. uhm~ this month i presume it's reunion month bah~ cox tmr meeting jotitude for porrigde steamboat~ YEH~ this sunday 's superman return with fizah-san. And most impt, next week's is Meg-san's tanjoubi~ Omedetou. yet anth steamboat but with ninja-tachi. SUgoi~ and next next week will be my besty Qianling's bday. Uhm~ she 's treating me to some exotic restaurant to eat wor. Cool~ Happy july~

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


last night, peili-san and i watched omen, which first played in 1976 i heard. Anyway, the sound effect was already discouraging us to watch but the most terrifying part was when we stepped into the theatre, only two indian men sitted separately. Plus two of us ladies, iznt that scary enough. The thought of them jumping at us with their knifes during the screening ...alright, i think too much. haha.. therefore, i was the joker throughout the show making lame jokes out of the scenes we saw~ tension stabilizer, if you would say.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chanoma Gals

Minna, u really got to watch this. Vivian Hsu and the other jyosei hosting this Chanoma gals with the special guest starring GACKT~ He is damn hilarious~ *rolling on de floor*


Friday, June 23, 2006


first was pauline, follow by linda san. now mag-san. *sigh*
どうして?? 俺はぜんぜんわからない.
マークさんがこなくて, 俺はだんだんさびしくなります.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

one kilo

one kilo? wat's that? i weighed myself just now and from 45, it dipped to 44kg~ amazing.

alright, im so happy cox i definitely need to lose weight before going to taiwan cox i might be binge on the good foods in the night markets . ^_^ one kg lost per month~ yokatta desu ne~

Sunday, June 18, 2006

am i ?

just not long ago, someone told me that im "mysterious"... well to tell u frankly, im sabrina ~~ haha~ joking joking~ i don have supernatural powers. But come to think of it, if only i have magic, i can turn that obasan into statue and shut her mouth forever~ muahahaha...

*sigh* xmas is soon to arrive... my half-done scarf is still kept hidden in my drawer... im afraid to finish it cause ...... for they said the first scarf is meant for .....

tired. oyasumi~

Friday, June 16, 2006

white lie

a white lie it may seems
innocent as it can be
afterall it's too, a lie
we all detest and hate

still thy soul that lies within
unprepared to trust any
hence a lie was made
to protect thy secret
equally as dear as life

distant it may seems
but thy maiden believes
someday oneday
a heart to heart
revealations of truth
arrive, it will be

Thursday, June 15, 2006


だれか手伝ていないか~ **ないています** :'(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Friday, June 09, 2006

great movies

superman returns... RV... the Omen... Almost Love... and many many more. This month is more like a Movie mania than a GSS fever. i wanna watch all these~~~~


now chatting with bro over in msn. caught me in surprise though cox now he's in camp. anyway, did share with him how we all notice his change of attitude;from good to worst. He tried explaining his amounting of stress he received from camp, his mum 's poor health etc. I understand the feeling when ur nearest kin is leaving and u are left struggling on ur own.

Last time, bro played the role of counsellor when i poured my sorrows abt the J's issue. Now, it's my turn to cheer him up. I must say im a good mentor :) . Bro, what 's done is done. I don want you to brood over the gossips they talked behind ur back. Try to mend ur mistake and Explaination always make matters worst. So save ur breathe, yeah~ we will try to understand you and hoping u change slowly for a better self. God bless :)


damn! he is gg to renew my contract, that's what he told me a few days ago. U think i will be overjoyed by this news. Sorry, u are wrong. U have absolutely no IDEA how i wished to be converted to PERM instead. My bonus GONE~~~~. Gonna bear for another contract term. My satisfaction level has dropped after the transition within the dept. From 4days leave application to now, 1day of Successful leave application. I need a longer break man. At least gimme 3days to samui island, feeding myself with seafood in my sarong. MADNESS~

I have been consoling myself that I am the lucky sheep out there whilst my colleagues 's leave application were REJECT TOTALLY. how sad~ im not being sacarstic alright.

Management wise is so so but the relegation of duties is TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE and UNBELIVABLE.

another unhappy event to grumble about. Recently alot of ppl approached me. IT's network marketing again, in short PYRAMID. Do not correct me if im wrong, cox that's the IMPRESSION they left me. I confessed i ONCE was from this PYRAMID thingy, honestly, a DORMANT member but NOW i have totally RESIGNED from all this nonsense. "how to grow rich EXPONENTIALLY","not resign ur FATE to being an employee 4 all ur life" etc blah blah u wld hear from them.

Im a easily contented person, i don need to grow rich or watsoever. Don try to tempt me with all your luxurious promises for i will not be easily shaken. I will just act as though im awed for the purpose of entertaining you ppl. I wld rather be a catholic nun than being part a member of such PYRAMID. i rather be poor than rich, for the blessed poors is the kingdom of heaven.

Phew~ what a naggy entry. Hoping for a better tmr~

Saturday, June 03, 2006


hmm, nth much happenings on saturday. Stepped out my house in the morning, just to meet lianjie in orchard. After the brief appt, we strolled to Dhouby Xchange, wanted to try out the new Pepper Lunch Express over there. The meals are very cheap starting from $4plus onwards. Well, i tried the "atsu atsu curry rice" and immediately i gave an awful comment. As compared to fav curry rice at Capitol Bldg, this one is totally out!!!

oh yah, i spotted an outlet near the istana there, where they sell factory-rejected branded clothes. From Americanya to abercrombie to hallister etc. Very cheap!! soon after our meals, lianjie has to meet up her jerk hubby (i have my reason for calling him jerk cox he make lianjie to feed the dog and do the laundry before letting her step out of the house<-MCP!!!) . Tat's why i always say to myself, why tied yrself down so early. I prefer enjoying my life with nobody to restraint me from going anyway or doing anything. Cheers To Freedom!!!

Still early for Xinpei's party, i decided to return home soon after buying her present. Napped for a few hrs and went out again. At the chalet, i was surprised to see not a single soul from my sec school, apart from the one who went with me. Maybe they have other impt appts i guess. Well, after a brief stay, i left the chalet for my 3rd appt on sat. Busy busy me~ Ikomarians outin at Sofra. Hurray.. Next we went Manotti for our usual dessert breaks. I enjoyed myself very much during our dessert breaks cox we wld usually chat our boys , future husband and travellings etc.

Indeeed, i enjoyed the last appt. hoping more outings yah~nite nite