·٠•●いらしゃいます●•٠·: August 2006


Saturday, August 26, 2006

a new life

Finally time to sit down and update my deary brothers and sisters. Currently, im living with my senpai,whom i've known for one yr plus. She's a hospitable and caring senpai. I still rem when i first moved in, she wanted to help me paint my room. So sweet of her. But come to think of the trouble and the inexperienced of us, i declined politely.

Last week, i was busy furniture-hunting in ikea and greedy me feast out their chicken rendang over there. Thinking of the ravings that my friends gave, i can tell u it's so so only, a false illusion that sent my friends crazy over it. jialat!!!

Now, im only left with window curtains and a decent cabinet cum desk to fit my cozy little room. :) One impt thing is my pc, which i believe i can only move in next month after i bought my desk bah~

Just now i was checking my email, and this kansai homestay organizer started a mailgroup. This is gg to be an interesting and tiring trip i guess. cox we 'll be staying in kansai-osaka for the first four days and den travel up to chubu-nagoya for the remaining 6 days. Some of them have intention to extend their trip and move on to kyushuu-kagoshima.. watashi mo ikitai desu yo, motto okane ga nai desu kedo...zannen...zannen....

alright, till den see ya.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Freedom... at last.. i have finally moved out of the witch dungeon. During this period, i would need time to stablize myself and adapt to this new environment. Im very grateful to my brothers and sisters who stood by my side during this difficult period of time. In the initial stage after relocation, i will feel scared and cried sometimes. But i know i have to be totally independent one day. i will continue to be a strong woman and carve out a successful career. God bless, my dearest friends and me...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Monday, August 07, 2006

energy booster, any?

during lunch, i din join the rest cox i was feeling fatigue. I just plunged head on my desk and slept for an hour. I was feeling cold then. Lan jie bought me papaya and cadbury chocolate for lunch. after a short nap, i start to feel slightly better. In the evening, i joined my sec friends for dinner , follow by movie "click" which i doze off in most of the scenes... im exhausted. tmr gg ktv with friends .... haiz... can someone lend me their shoulder to rest when im sleepy...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


seriously, why the heck am i awake in this wee hours?? ive been tossing and turning on my bed, thinking abt my future and plans of moving out etc. i guess i will act on these after my japan trip. i have a colleague who went to Amro for interview as an officer and the pay they offered her is higher than a fresh grad from the IT field. If she is successful, i ask her to bring me along since the department is expanding. One con is that the location is at commonwealth. I will need to find accomodation over in the west area. Honestly, after so many months in the bank, i like the nature of the work and if Heaven is nt on my side, i still have plan B- go NIE. I dint replied to them previously becox i gt this banker job earlier. If any of this is successful, my plan to move out will soon be realize by next yr 2007. A fresh new 2007. As for the time being, i will just have to bear. As much as i wanted to move out, i have to tolerate with her for 4mths more. This yr was a tough one. I passes out even in the office toilet. i don wan to die so early. Movin out is the right choice. Although i have to be even more independent than now, my determination will prevails. i believe i can do it. Yes i can~:)


my right arm hurts. stupid me missed the step and fell down from staircase and my right arm landed on the floor first. BAKA me.. will try to cut down the movement of my right arm la. sob sob...

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Last night was chong-san's tanjoubi desu ne. we went to merchant court for buffet dinner and i luv the shells alot. Especially sashimi, which i rarely eat it raw, it was very fresh. Later, we strolled to this family-style cozy bar for drinks. Decent drinks ok~ karen , chong and i drank different vitaminised drink, mag san chose traditional chrysanthemun and sensei one was coke. i guess the aftermath of the vodka took effect cox i got headaches and soon after fell asleep on the cozy sofa.

The bar closes at 12am. I told sensei im taking nr1 home so both of us strolled back to city hall for nr1. We waited an hour but still no sight of the bus. During the time, we chatted and she told me she read this fortune-telling book, reading purely for fun of cox. who doesnt? haha. she was saying this book, which was written by a famous write in japan, calculated that she will be having bad luck for three yrs.. den she joked abt if she take taxi now, the nr1 will come. Cox normally the waiting time is ard 30mins. amazingly, after a min she cabbed home, the bus came... but anyway, i advised sensei not to worry too much abt this la. cox i believe our life is rule by ourself, nt by any ppl who publish some craps and giving ppl extra worries..

reached home 3am again..

Friday, August 04, 2006


last night sis jio me go mos. We ton till ... think is 2plus bah. When i first stepped into mos, it was so satanic. the atmosphere, smoky places...eeuuuu... but after two vodka complementary drinks, we start to get high and high, was dancing at the retro dance floor. I rem the funny thing is this man approached me, but looking at his bug's bunny teeth i couldnt stopped laughing and i shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" ... sis saw his expression that he was shocked ...haha..i was too high guess. Honestly, i was not myself last night. I let myself indulge with third alcholic drinks-vodka shots which is 40cc ...so high lor... den we went smoove ... it was very hot there and we couldnt stopped dancing. Looking at my drunkard self, i stayed overnight at sis 's place.. oh, did i mentioned i saw that somebody at the entrance when i reach. I completely ignore him. im so proud of myself..