·٠•●いらしゃいます●•٠·: March 2007


Saturday, March 31, 2007

blood donation day

happily i woke up, feeling refreshed and saintly coz today is my big day-blood donation. Qian acc me to chartsworh school and we saw a few of them present only, mostly from hopes church comprising mainly of indonesian devoutees.

After i registered myself as a walk-in volunteer, the I/C passed me a black file containing questionaires to fill in. usually, we would tick 'no' for all but the questions were really tricky. take this for e.g: do u know that aids carrier can pass the diseases thru blood donation? and i ticked 'no' which later Qian corrected me to a big 'YES'. funny izznt it. i should have read the questions though. oh well.. next, i proceeded to the body checkup. Upon standing on the scale, the I/C disqualified me coz i weighed below 45kg. i weighed 43kg tat day... tot i saw 45.5 kg at home...hmmm my scale's pointer must have gone haywired~ what a wasted trip. but they thank me for coming. hehe.

after parted with qian, i went kbox with xian and lan jie jie. it was really an eye-opener for me coz i nvr knew lan jie jie could sing. 5hrs of monkey jumping and lions roaring, goodbye time was here once again.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


可怜的天使必须偷偷的报名读书。如果被恶魔知道了, 天使就没有上天堂的机会了。

么啊 -_-|||

以上如有类似,不要气馁,请一起加油吧。最终,恶魔会被击败的。我鼎你。 加油

Saturday, March 24, 2007


presentation is not my forte. interpretation course is fulltime only. language is my love. i hate it. left me with no choices.

Friday, March 23, 2007


For the past few weekends, I have been cooping myself @ home...self-reflection. However, i enjoy this kind of serenity and simple relaxation, letting my mind flows smoothly. Moreover, the noise pollution from the sea of ants irritates me to the top. And most probably, i will shift my Yoga class to weekdays too to fully enjoy myself at home. Workload has increased slightly as time goes by, but still managable.

Yesterday morning, Xian came over for interview. I pray really hard that she could get in so we could be collegues once again. Slowly, we'll try to pull in lan jiejie and liling if opportunity arises.

Had my lunch with jun in the main office's pantry. Even though it's just 25th floor, you will be totally mesmerized by the panoramic view of the blue sea. Lunching in office is simply heaven~ We chatted the usual things and updated each other on our deparmental moves. She will be in charge of takin' minutes during the next meeting. Luckily, im not in her position though we're just a few bucks different. *chuckles*

Im satisfied with my current job now as my reponsibility is not heavy as compared to jun's. Thus, allowing me to concentrate on my goals which will undertake this year. A series of changes BUT a driven and better soul of me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

key of heart

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

fickle minded

updates updates~ your princess is here with more updates on her recent activities. actually, she has been financially grounded @ home for the past one month. your dear highness has not received her lastest salary from that old shithole company. :X
no pay meaning no entertainment~ after 2 email complaints and 2 phonecalls, all she received is a chequeless payslip. wtf!! now she's typing her FINAL complaint.

so far, she's doing well in her new job, but her ongoing plan to slim down may go down the drain. Blame it on GS, the culprit, lining up with stalls selling tasty and CHEAP local food. oh well, she will try her best to overcome these temptations though. Jia you.

besides the complaint letter, ur highness is in a state of confusion now. after relocated to this new environment, she finds it convenient and the oppt to further study arises. her company will sponsor 6k and the rest by urs truly. not a bad deal afterall as their staff. as u know, princess is a fun and loving young kid at heart who wish to travel ard to meet new friends. plans to travel this year popped on her mind AGAIN~~ contemplating between serious matter and one which hold less priority, i will be cursed by friends if i choose the latter.

she has since gave it a serious thought. Basic degree means better advancement in job and MORE $$ BUT it also means serious biz for 3 bloody,long yrs. If i were to choose the latter, i could travel for 6 times in total, attend summer course overseas, and shop till i dropped dead on the ground...wahhahaha...

alright,back to serious talk now. what if i chose to take up a degree, relevant to my job nature, it also meant giving up my dream to become an interpreter/translator that is less attractive in terms of salary package. A wrong foot on the previous one turn on my fear of repeating history itself.

my heart and speech nvr tallies, not even once. what do i want??? i don no...

Friday, March 09, 2007


32 degree celsius !!! madness hot~

btw, Happy Birthday Lan jie jie. Marked on 10th march 2007.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Life is precious

yesterday, brother and i went to catch angela's zhang mini concert at Dragonfly. so so only. First time meet up with brother this year as i was busy few months ago. Heard from him that WS was hospitalised a few weeks ago, and they suspected it was drug overdoses. luckily one of our good friend stayed up all night with her at the hospital. tada, now they are an item *chuckle* ^^)

Alright, that's not the main point. I don like my friends making silly attempts to end their life. It's not easy to juggle work , relationship and studies. Especially with added financial woes, it would be wiser to do things at your own pace and NOT OVERSTRESS your purse and health.
Take me for example, yours truly eager to enter university but income doesnt allow , what to do? i just have to save up $$ and in the meantime take up short courses like SAT /language/yoga so not to waste my youth away haha~ just my two cents worth~ d^^)

so my dear friends, if u feel left out or depressed, please don hesitate to call me, im just a RING away~ i may be held up by work but a few minutes chitchat wont kill me lah~

(let's work smart together)

yours truly,